Gun Control; Cantor; Sharpton; Obama; Immigration

No country has ever been ruled by tyrants or dictators without first convincing or forcing its citizens to give up their personal guns.


Listen you liberty dummies; the one human and constitutional right that guarantees all other rights is the right to bear arms, to own guns. But you liberty dummies let, and even encourage, our politicians to ignore America’s and world history.


Doesn’t it seem crazy, even to liberty dummies, that in a world that is creating more and more crazy and criminal people that average, sane folks would be willing to give up the right to defend themselves? Remember liberty dummies, “when seconds count, cops are minutes away.”


Eric Cantor is gone and Wall Street is scared-GOOD!


Illegal Immigration Argument: “Illegal immigrants are doing the work Americans are unwilling to do.” When a nation’s people are not willing to do their own dirty work, that nation will cease to exist because it no longer deserves to exist.


Open Borders: Obama lied and now children die.


Those who want open borders and amnesty: Hug your children when you put them to bed tonight and tell them you are sorry you sold their future to big business and foreign nations.


Al Sharpton: What a terrible, despicable role model for people of color, especially young people. He is a threat to every person of color who wants a better life. He has no real talent or job. He must keep people of color in poverty and ignorance, or he doesn’t have a purpose in life or a job.






About eeseverance

Retired. Believe in liberty for all and special privilege for none. If you love liberty, never trust your government. It is your duty to always question government and keep it under your and your fellow citizens control. If we could trust government and politicians, we wouldn't need a constitution. Never trust anyone who doesn't believe in the constitution; they want to control you and anyone else they can. Liberty is yours, but you must always fight for it for yourself and for others.
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One Response to Gun Control; Cantor; Sharpton; Obama; Immigration

  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    The continuous flow of illegal immigrants poses as the greatest threat to our nations security. The increase of crime, disease, poor housing and living conditions. Who feeds, clothes, provides healthcare to them…….we do, at what costs? We are becoming, if not already there a third world country. The argument, what kind of country would be if we didn’t allow immigrants in; doesn’t work anymore.


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