Memo to My Catholic and Jewish Friends and Neighbors and a Bunch of Other Stuff Too

Listen up you dummies! You Catholic dummies want the liberty and right to practice your religion as you see fit, and well you should. And you Jewish dummies want your homeland of Israel to have the liberty and right to defend itself, as well it should. Yet, both you dummies vote again and again for liberal/democrat/communists whose ideology believes that the government should have the final say in how you practice your religion and regulate how anyone should be able to or more precisely not be able to defend themselves. No one should have any sympathy for you. If you vote for democrat/communists who believe that their superior philosophy and intelligence entitles them to require an individual to get their permission to defend him or herself, then you should not be whining about them bullying Israel to get their permission to defend itself. Nor should  you Catholic dummies get upset because the great and all knowing democrat/communists know more about how you should practice your religion than you do. After all the democrat/communists convinced you they were for the children and the poor and were wise enough to control them, so why to hell are you whining now that they feel they have the right to control your religion. You asked and advocated for more government control and you got it; now shut up. You’ll never have the liberty to practice your religion or defend yourself by being dumb enough to give even the slightest “smidgen” of your liberty away. And don’t be so dumb to think you can casually give away someone else’s rights to the government and still keep your own rights. LIBERTY IS YOURS DUMMIES; YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE GUTS TO CLAIM IT.

NEWS FLASH: Under government control, the quality of your healthcare will go down and the cost of it will go up. Oh that’s not a news flash; you already know that. Then what to hell are you doing about it?

OLYMPICS NEWS FLASH: Those damn old mean Russians are listening to everyone’s phone calls and bugging their computers. We sure are lucky to live in good old America where our computer and phone privacy are assured. The American government would never violate the people’s liberty by violating even a “smidgen” of our privacy.

NEWS FLASH: Of course illegal immigrants won’t take your job; the President promises it. If you like your job, you can keep your job.

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About eeseverance

Retired. Believe in liberty for all and special privilege for none. If you love liberty, never trust your government. It is your duty to always question government and keep it under your and your fellow citizens control. If we could trust government and politicians, we wouldn't need a constitution. Never trust anyone who doesn't believe in the constitution; they want to control you and anyone else they can. Liberty is yours, but you must always fight for it for yourself and for others.
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