Caged by Daycare, Debt, and 401k Deceit

Daycare: Are you caged in by daycare? Probably. Your kids certainly are. Maybe you wouldn’t be caged in if you had asked your kids if they wanted it instead of listening to an employer who said they should have it; his motives are purely financial. He needs your labor to make a buck; can’t let any snot nosed brats get in the way of that. Or maybe you listened to some feminist fool; she’s motivated by power, politics, hate and envy. It’s doubtful she has your kid’s best interests at heart. You say you need the money? I know all about that; I’m a father and grandfather and know very well the struggles folks go through to make a living. But maybe the next time you hear a politician or feminist start yapping about the need for more daycare, you’ll tell them to sit down and shut up until they come up with an idea how you can afford to get rid of daycare. Let them know you are sick of the everyday rat race of sending your kids off to day orphanages called daycare centers. Tell them you demand the freedom to choose what you want to do with your kids and not be forced into their idea of utopia.

Debt: How important does that career thing seem if you’ve smartened up enough to figure out you go to work everyday to pay off debt and not accumulate real wealth? And just as soon as you pay off some debt, you find yourself having to accumulate more debt to keep financially afloat. Sounds like our dumb-ass government doesn’t it? 401k’s have been around now for about thirty-five years. Where are the headlines about all those millions of people who accumulated so much wealth in their 401ks that they’re retiring in luxury? Their debt added up faster than their wealth. The system was designed that way. Remember, 40lks were the combined brain child of big government and big business. Do you think they really had your well-being in mind when they convinced millions of you to go down the 401k road? People who can put a lot of money into a 401k will have a lot of money to take out of a 401k, and people who put a little money into a 401k will have a little money to take out of a 401k. That’s the nature of wealth accumulation. Oh, I know  some politician or financial wizard told you that they would take your little contributions and turn them into huge returns. Why? Because politicians and financial wizards just love you? And you believed them because you still remember some old dumb children’s story about some goose crapping out golden eggs after being fed just a little grain. Maybe you should start telling big government and big business to leave you to hell alone. Tell them you just want to be free from their stupidity and deceit;  you ‘ll take care of yourself. REMEMBER LIBERTY IS YOURS; YOU JUST HAVE TO BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO CLAIM IT.

America Lost, available from Village Books Bellingham, WA,, and Barnes and Noble. Grassroots Uprising coming soon.  


About eeseverance

Retired. Believe in liberty for all and special privilege for none. If you love liberty, never trust your government. It is your duty to always question government and keep it under your and your fellow citizens control. If we could trust government and politicians, we wouldn't need a constitution. Never trust anyone who doesn't believe in the constitution; they want to control you and anyone else they can. Liberty is yours, but you must always fight for it for yourself and for others.
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