Use Cash

Start paying with cash. If everyone did it or most everyone, it would drive big government and big business nuts. They wouldn’t be able to track everything you’re doing, and the one thing tyrants of big business and big government don’t like is not being able to keep track of everything citizens are doing. But if paranoia isn’t enough to drive you to use cash, then let the best of human behavior motivate you. If you have any humility and modesty in your soul, then you shouldn’t want businesses, government, the world or even your next door neighbor knowing everything about you. Privacy is one of the great tenets of a free society. You might also consider removing one of the many electronic devices you probably have stuck in your ear, nose, mouth or one of your other orifices. But that is a topic for another blog. REMEMBER LIBERTY IS YOURS; YOU JUST HAVE TO BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO CLAIM IT.


About eeseverance

Retired. Believe in liberty for all and special privilege for none. If you love liberty, never trust your government. It is your duty to always question government and keep it under your and your fellow citizens control. If we could trust government and politicians, we wouldn't need a constitution. Never trust anyone who doesn't believe in the constitution; they want to control you and anyone else they can. Liberty is yours, but you must always fight for it for yourself and for others.
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