Keep Private

When a pollster calls, tell them to go to hell. Don’t let politicians know what you’re thinking; it makes them nervous. Keep them nervous and don’t let them make you nervous. If you feel you really need to let them know what you’re thinking, charge them. Tell them to send you a check, and then you’ll send them an opinion. A good starting figure is a $1000.00. Ask more if you think you can get it from them. This way if they really value your opinion and aren’t just trying to manipulate your opinion, they’ll be willing to pay. You probably will never receive a check, but I bet the political slime will stay away from you.  ALWAYS REMEMBER, LIBERTY IS YOURS; YOU JUST HAVE TO BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO CLAIM IT.


About eeseverance

Retired. Believe in liberty for all and special privilege for none. If you love liberty, never trust your government. It is your duty to always question government and keep it under your and your fellow citizens control. If we could trust government and politicians, we wouldn't need a constitution. Never trust anyone who doesn't believe in the constitution; they want to control you and anyone else they can. Liberty is yours, but you must always fight for it for yourself and for others.
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